Mark Thomson


Mark ThomsonDr. Thomson earned his B.S. in Physiological Science from UCLA in 1992. He graduated from UCSF/SFSU with an MPT degree in 1995. Mark graduated from the Kaiser Permanente Manual Therapy Fellowship in Los Angeles, CA in 2000.

Eric Dinkins


Eric DinkinsEric is a graduate from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and has been practicing since 2001. He has earned post-graduate certifications in Manipulative Therapy and is a Certified Mulligan Practitioner with the Mulligan Concept ™ of manual therapy.

Mulligan Concept™ Manual Therapy Courses

Welcome to Mobilization With Movement™ USA, where we host a variety of Mulligan Concept™ Manual Therapy Courses. With over 40 years of combined experience, Mark and Eric have been successfully teaching the Mulligan Concept™ of manual therapy for more than a decade. With four different physical therapy CEU course options, you will learn Mobilization With Movement™ in the following classes:

Lower Quarter Course – This class focuses on the lumbar spine, the sacroiliac joint, and the lower extremities.

Upper Quarter Course – The primary focus of this course is the cervical and thoracic spine, as well as the upper extremities.

Advanced Course – Concepts are taught regarding critical thinking skills for treating musculoskeletal disorders. The class introduces new techniques and focuses heavily on fine-tuning participants skill levels with the Mulligan Concept™ approach.

CPM Exam – This class is for those clinicians who desire to have their level of competence recognized pending their passing of an examination. Those who pass also serve as referral sources for other clinicians and patients on our website.

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