Mulligan Concept™ Advanced Course

Course Breakdown

The Mulligan Concept™ Advanced Course introduces a custom approach to manual therapy, founded and created by Brian Mulligan. Mobilization With Movement™ with the Mulligan Concept™ is a simple and practical method of addressing musculoskeletal disorders with painless manual therapy forces that can restore pain-free functional movement. Our two-day advanced course introduces new techniques and refines students’ skills with the Mulligan Concept™.

Additionally, this course will offer instruction in the application of Pain Release Phenomenon methods and compression techniques. This course incorporates a comprehensive lecture, patient demonstrations, as well as extensive lab time to allow students the chance to gain full knowledge and understanding of Mobilization With Movement™ and the Mulligan Concept™.

Course Objectives

At the end of the Mulligan Concept™ Advanced Course, students will be able to:

  • List two indications and two clinical rules for the utilization of Pain Release Phenomenon techniques (PRP’s) and compression techniques.
  • Exhibit three ankle Mobilization With Movement™ methods for ankle range-of-motion impairment.
  • Display two knee Mobilization With Movement™ techniques for range-of-motion impairments.
  • Incorporate a combined proximal/distal Mobilization With Movement™ method on the lower leg when faced with findings consistent with lower leg dysfunction after an ankle sprain.
  • Display one advanced Mobilization With Movement™ combination that may be used for medial knee pain.
  • Exhibit five manual approaches for the alleviation of straight leg raise pain.
  • Illustrate central and unilateral manual SNAG methods for pain-free improvement of the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic range of motion.
  • Reveal three shoulder Mobilization With Movement™ approaches to shoulder-elevation impairment.
  • Display three manual approaches for mitigating cervicogenic headaches and dizziness.

Credits Received

  • Physical Therapists and PTAs will obtain 14 CCUs from Procert.
  • Athletic Trainers will obtain 13 CEUs from the NATA Board of Certification Approval.
  • Participants will also receive 13 hours of continuing education credits.

To receive more information on our Mulligan Concept™ Advanced course, contact Mobilization With Movement™ USA today.