Certified Mulligan Practitioner Exam

At MWMusa, we offer the Certified Mulligan Practitioner Exam. Becoming a CMP offers clinicians two main advantages.

Our CMP’s act as a referral source for clinicians and individuals looking for treatment from a Mulligan trained practitioner. Clinicians who qualify as a CMP will be able to have their names included on the BMulligan.com website.

The CMP certification process can help clinicians who are interested in having their expertise and aptitude in the Mulligan Concept™ assessed by offering a peer review/examination opportunity.

Certification Criteria

The CMP exam consists of two parts: the manual skills examination and the didactic knowledge test. Once both exam portions have been successfully completed, these clinicians will be acknowledged as Certified Mulligan Practitioners.

Requirements for Exam

For participants to be eligible to take the Certified Mulligan Practitioner Exam, they must first complete the following courses:

  1. Upper Quadrant Course
  2. Lower Quadrant Course
  3. Advanced Course

Previous clinical knowledge is highly encouraged. The Mulligan Concept™ Teacher’s Association expects that those who have undergone the necessary coursework and carry clinical experience in the Mulligan Concept™ will be able to complete the exam successfully. Individuals who have not been regularly incorporating the Mobilization With Movement™ methods and utilizing Brian Mulligan’s text as a source for obtaining a deeper understanding of the Mulligan Concept™ may discover the CMP credentialing exam to be difficult.

All CMPs need to meet the conditions and requirements set forth by the Mulligan Concept™ Teacher’s Association to be included as a Certified Mulligan Practitioner. To preserve CMP status and listing in our directory, clinicians are expected to retain ethical and professional conduct to the highest standard. Additionally, they will continue to promote the goal of the International Mulligan Concept™ Teacher’s Association.

To obtain more information regarding our Certified Mulligan Practitioner Exam, contact the Mobilization With Movement™ USA team today.